The misconception between ‘Value’ and ‘Greatness’ of people

I’ve seen many people talking about being “great and renowned” by the efforts and hard work that they put in doing stuff they love. While there’s nothing wrong with that, a common thought that prevails among most brains is that having a lot of fame and greatness is the only thing that’s going to help them leave their mark on the world .

From one perspective, it’s kinda true, but for those who really want to touch the sky, here’s the truth – Greatness, as time passes, becomes a story, a story turns to a legend, a legend transforms to a fairy tale, and a fairy tale ends as a myth.

While on the other hand, people who attain ‘value’ in this world through their contributions are never forgotten.
Take, for example, Thomas Alva Edison – he invented the bulb, and now as long as humans remember how to create artificial light (probably forever), no one’s ever going to forget him. Another example – Galvarino – never heard of him, right? Well, he was a great ‘wolverine’ style warrior who lived thousands of years ago and has now turned into a mere myth. See what i mean? The world always remembers people who made life easier, who gave way to new possibilities, who defied the meaning of impossible, and not those who just had a lot of ‘fame’. See how many people remember today’s celebrities by the next century, you’ll get the point.

In short, great people might sometimes be forgotten, but people who create value are adamant in the human civilization.
Isaac Newton lived in the seventeenth century, and many great emperors and kings came after him, but he’s still remembered better than all of them, and the reason being the value he added to our lives.
And as Albert Einstein put it – “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”


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