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British scientists create material for the screen that uses no power


facebook-360-advertising-810x456The hassle of having to charge your smartphone for hours a day could become a thing of the past.

British scientists have created a material that replaces the screen glass for phones, tablets and smartwatches, but uses no power – meaning they could be charged weekly.

The discovery is significant because more than 90 per cent of a device’s battery power illuminates the screen.

Technology firms have focused on improving battery life. But the British experts say tackling the main drain on a gadget’s power may give better results.

Oxford University engineer Dr Peiman Hosseini, who invented the material, told the Sunday Telegraph: ‘You have to charge smartwatches every night. But if you had smart glass, you could recharge it just once a week.’

The innovation uses electrical pulses to create displays that require no power and can be viewed even in direct sunlight. Dr Hosseini’s company, Bodle Technologies, hopes…

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Once Booming, 3D Printing Companies are Now Contemplating Layoffs


makerbotfactory3D printing companies Stratasys and 3D Systems painted a bleak picture about their businesses earlier this month by reporting declining revenue in the latest quarter. It was a dramatic about-face compared to the buzz around the two giants from 2012 to 2014. Even as projections about the overall 3D printing remain bright—it’s expected to be a $17 billion market by the end of this decade—the next year will likely be a rough one for Stratasys and 3D Systems. Both have promised to cut expenses while dealing with the serious challenges.

Potential customers are slowing their buying of 3D printing technology, a trend that Goldman Sachs analysts recently described in a note to investors as being “likely industry-wide more than company specific.” Meanwhile, makers of 3D printing technology are facing increased competition as newcomers enter the field, most notably HP Inc, which is expected to start shipping its own line of 3D…

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