Some of my random designs..

I’ve been making digital art since 2015 using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

So, without wasting much time, here goes…

Dreaming Infinitely! This image has been featured by Adobe on and viewed by about 14,000 people. Images used are downloaded under the creative commons license.


A mini-bot I made while chilling in my living room. And the background image here is actually my living room.
Image downloaded from under creative commons license. This design doesn’t really mean much; its more of an experiment that I did to try out some new things I discovered in Adobe Photoshop.

company-profile-for-sisystems-surat—This is a company profile that I designed for my previous employer ‘Softtouch Interactive Systems’ where I worked as an app developer. This is still a work in progress (especially the text—DO NOT READ IT, IT DEFIES GRAMMAR)

Seems like your browser isn't displaying images correctly. There's supposed to be a poster here.
This is an advertisement for a product of Softouch Interactive systems. Its still a work in progress.
I made this poster to serve as a teaser for an internal event in an organization called AIESEC that I used to work for.
Logo design for my current employer. The looping infinity pattern in the ‘O’ represents the all inclusive nature of this company and its products.
we love graphics even more royal
Just being randomly creative with an image of the Cloud Gate at Chicago, IL, USA. image downloaded under the creative commons licence.
font used - raleway
Background Image downloaded under the creative commons license. This is an experimental collage I made when I was new to design
text waiting in line
Random 2 minute design. I don’t even remember what I was thinking while making this..!